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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Buy A Hovercraft - Free Hovercraft Buyer's Guide

By Brian McGregor

A personal hovercraft is an exciting proposition for anyone who wants to try a new leisure experience. If you wanted to buy a hovercraft, you will find they are much more fun to drive than Jet Skis, RIBs, Quad Bikes etc

Hovercraft are truly all-terrain. You can drive straight out of the sea and onto the beach. Or you can use it on grass and have yourself a very special picnic. You can explore tidal estuaries, and perhaps stop to collect a few shell fish. You can even use your hovercraft on snow!

Start the engine, and your skirt will fill with air, lifting you 8 inches clear of the ground, so you are up and away. Open the throttle, and the craft will pick up speed, up to 50 mph depending on the size of your engine.

* No need to find a slipway - any beach or riverbank should do.

* No need to check tide data - you'll rise above sand and mud. While strong currents are a concern for boats, hovercraft are not in contact with the water, and so ascend such problems.

* No need to check your depth meter, you have no propeller to worry about. You just levitate and drive.

* Submerged rocks or coral? Not a problem when you're cruising on air above the water level.

Hovercraft has very real advantages over more conventional marine craft. While you're out having fun on the sand flats, the boaties and jet skiers will be checking their clocks and tide tables.

You might be wondering how easy it is to drive Hovercraft?

It takes just ten minutes to understand the basics, then the real fun begins.

The thrill of driving a small hovercraft is difficult to describe. Floating on a cushion of air at speed, you get the feeling that perhaps you are on a magic carpet, or anti-gravity skateboard. You have great freedom to express yourself.

You can do 180 degree turns on the beach, or perpetual 360s or 720 spins. As you can drive on sea and land, you'll probably want to combine both in a little beach hugging exercise. You can turn in graceful loops, or slide and glide - whatever the mood takes you.

Owners of bigger yachts can use hovercraft as a tender, or as a fun watercraft.

Hovercraft make a great rescue and patrol vehicle too. You can access areas that are simply out of bounds for any other craft. For example, they can gracefully float over ice and go where snowmobiles fear to tread.

If you buy a hovercraft, you will find the sky is the limit in enjoyment.

About the author

About the Author
This article has been brought to you by Brian McGregor - a keen hovercraft enthusiast. If you're in the market to buy a hovercraft, why not check out the facts first with this FREE ebook 'The Hovercraft Buyer's Guide'? You know it makes sense! http://www.wizobizo.com/hovpod/buyersguide.htm
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brian_McGregor

Tips About ski centurion boat

A boatyard tends to be used by people who wish to refit or repair their boat whilst it is not on the water. They can also be used in some cases for winter storage if your boat has been on a swinging mooring in the summer. Many boatyards have their own workshops and will carry out repairs on your behalf. Facilities may not be as good as those in a marina, although with a greater provision for residential moorings the standard won't be bad.
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Remember, these are maximum recommendations for fair weather operation. The number of people who can be carried safely depends on the type of pleasure craft, distribution of occupants, equipment carried and weather and water conditions. Operators must know and respect the limitations of their boat.
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Cruising and Sailing Wiki by CruiserLog

Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:13:38 +0200
CruiserLog is proud to have established this new Cruising and Sailing Wiki so that all cruisers around the world can have free access to as much information on the topic as possible. This cruising and sailing Wiki is a resource to which all members are encouraged to freely contribute and help to build a great reference resource for the benefit of all cruisers that are sailing around the world.

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"Ghost Yacht" (Kaz 2) found drifting off the Australian east coast.

Sun, 22 Apr 2007 18:22:18 +0200
Three sailors missing from the sailing yacht Kaz 11 found drifting off the Australian east coast. The yacht was found with engines idling, lunch prepared and table set and a laptop switched on.

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Are cockroaches sailing aboard your yacht?

Wed, 25 Oct 2006 13:34:36 +0200
The well known and trusted 'Keel Over' pads are now available from Cruising Connections, and can be posted/shipped to any destination around the world.


Chagos - bad news for cruisers sailing in the Indian Ocean.

Thu, 9 Nov 2006 11:35:43 +0200
Effective 1st Jan 07 the rent will be Pounds Sterling 500 per month, (approx $ 900!), payable in advance for sailing yachts wishing to stop at Chagos in the Indian Ocean!

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